H.I.F.U treatment at Sunrise Cosmetics & Spa

Skin rejuvenation with advanced technology is the solution that many people believe in solving skin problems. Therefore, HIFU treatment is considered an advanced and effective aesthetic method. This is a significant progression in the ability to regenerate natural collagen to maintain a youthful, healthy skin from within and repel the signs of aging.

High Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU) technology uses high intensity focused ultrasound to rejuvenate the skin, avoid sagging without surgical intervention. In addition, the ultrasound will also stimulate the growth of collagen, strengthen elastin fibers, repair broken connective tissues and re-structure the skin. In 2009, this technology has been certified by the US FDA regarding its safety and effectiveness.

Skin rejuvenation with HIFU technology

  1. Operating Principle

HIFU technology uses wavelengths that can reach the depths of 3.0-4.5mm below the skin surface that produces the most collagen and elastin. After going deep into the dermis, ultrasound will disperse energy to compact muscle tissue. As a result, wrinkles on the skin will start to fill up, the area of sagging such as forehead, cheeks, chin nourishment ... also built up.

  1. Advantages

HIFU treatment is chosen by many customers because of:

  • Ideal temperature (60-700C) compared to laser or RF treatment.
  • Gently use, no invasive
  • Does not take time to recover
  • Remarkably rejuvenate the skin:
    • Lifts the muscles: Lift the facial muscles, dissolve the chin fat by using the intensive mechanism of HIFU technology
    • Skin Tightening: The laxative skin will gradually regenerate to smooth and firm.
    • Deeply rejuvenates the skin: Enhances the production of natural collagen in the skin which will become brighter, elastic, fresher and smoother.
    • Removes wrinkles: HIFU helps revive collagen breakage, remove wrinkles in the groove, corner of the mouth and crows’ feet area.

Sunrise Cosmetics & Spa is now applying the latest hifu technology to meet the needs of customer.

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   HIFU treatment

2.000.000 /session


Discounted 30%

Buy 5 sessions get 2 extra

Buy 10 sessions get 5 extra

Buy 20 sessions get 10 extra


  • In order to maintain long-term result
  • Follow the instruction of Sunrise’s staff
  • Do not using products that cause skin peeling, erosion
  • Highly recommend using organic products and building a healthy lifestyle
  • Avoid alcohol products, cigarettes and food with too much fat

In conclusion, Sunrise wish you always be healthy, successful in life


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