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Step 1: Exfoliating the skin

This step help getting rid of the dead skin cells, cleaning the whole face


By using smooth and gentle bubble that can enter and clean pores, this will remove skin impurities while creating a soft and smooth sensation )

Step 3: Massage and Acupressure

Staff will massage acupuncture points around face and neck to help customer relieving tension or pain after stressful work

Step 4: Facial steaming and removing acne

Facial steaming is the method that uses heat from steam which, dilates pores, capillaries to remove sebum and impurities under the skin. In addition, it help to stimulate the collagen production that soften and rejuvenate the skin.

Staff will remove acne by using acne vacuum cleaner. With gentle suction, sebum, acne and other impurities within pores will be softly removed without damaging the skin 

Step 5: Laser Treatment

Rejuvenating Skin: Replenishes the skin, tightens the skin, applies to aging skin, wrinkles and sagging.

Removing scars: Reconstructs and stimulates from the bottom layer of the scar due to the effect of removal and the scar caused the scars to recede and shrink.

Skin Whitening, Pigmentation: Removes pigments that make up brown spots or pigmentation.

Smoothing the skin, reducing hair follicles: Applies to oily skin, enlarged pores and aging skin.


Removing acne, oil and clog pores


Step 6: Using P1P AC SKIN TONER

This will shrink pores and balance the pH level of the skin.



Step 7: Applying Serum on the face then uses Iontophoresis machine to heat the face.

  • Nourishing bright skin from the inside, without skin abrasion.
  • Removing tans and sunburn; also prevent melanin production in skin. 
  • Bring back a smooth and healthy skin with natural look and doesn’t tan easily. Staff will use Iontophoresis machine to open the pores so the nutrition from serum can easily penetrate in the skin.


Step8: Applying a regenerative cream to rejuvenate the skin of stem cells by using Iontophoresis machine

This step will lock the nutrition of serum to regenerate, rejuvenate the skin and avoid its slipping off, additionally provide highest level of moisture to the skin. As a result, the skin will be smoother.

Step 9: Using Iontophoresis Machine with MF wavelength

This step helps lifting the face muscle, clearing the wrinkles, creating a slim face.

Step 10: Applying P1P Triple Magic BB

P1P Triple magic BB included extraction from Cordyceps, Ganoderma and the most important component – Lecithin Niacinamide which is a vitamin that helps in the recovery of acne inflammation, skin pigmentation, aging skin and dehydration.

All products are exclusively distributed by Sunrise and customers can use them at home.




Sale off

   Laser Treatment

2.000.000 /session

Discounted 30%

Buy 5 sessions get 2 extra

Buy 10 sessions get 5 extra

Buy 20 sessions get 10 extra


  • In order to maintain long-term result:

  • Follow the instruction of Sunrise’s staff
  • Do not using products that cause skin peeling, erosion
  • Highly recommend using organic products and building a healthy lifestyle
  • Avoid alcohol products, cigarettes and food with too much fat

In conclusion, Sunrise wish you always be healthy, successful in life


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