ISO-G - Medium, Low frequency / Color Therapy / Iontophoresis

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3 Functions with ISO-G

1/ Medium, Low frequency

2/ LED Color Therapy

3/ Iontophoresis

ISO - G   Function of Medium, Low frequency

MediumLow Frequency Alternating Current

Frequency(MF) : 3,000~4,000Hz

The medium and low frequency alternating currents are medium and low frequency alternating currents in which the polarity and magnitude of the positive (+) and negative (-) polarities vary asymmetrically with the passage of time.

A kind of indirect therapy that allows the skin layer to be positively affected by normalization of the muscle layer.

It stimulates the drooping muscles to develop a shrinking effect and a circulation effect to give the firming effect by relaxing and relaxing the muscles.

Wrinkle Improvement, Elasticity Care

→ Muscle contraction

Strengthening Muscle

Increasing of Metabolism

Increased local blood flow / Promoting blood circulation 


Effect of Congestion Removal

Provide stimulation and vitality

ISO - G  Function of LED Color Therapy

LED Color Therapy

By utilizing the characteristics of the chromatic body, the artificial rays are reflected on the body to recover the destroyed biorhythm

Light is absorbed into photoreceptors in cells, promoting enzymatic and energy supply activities of skin, effective for skin elasticity and exfoliation management.

BLUE & RED Wavelength LED Characteristics of each wavelength

BLUE COLOR - Wavelength

→ It penetrates up to 1mm epidermis of skin and calms and calms skin.

→ Effective for Acne, Atopy

Blue is detoxification and sedation

Effective wavelength for eczema, erythema, acne skin, capillary expansion

Among the color therapy effects, the oily skin has a good wavelength

RED COLOR - Wavelength

Penetrates 2 ~ 3mm dermis of skin to help skin elasticity and skin texture

→ It has a great effect on freckles, blemish, freckles, redness, wrinkles, elasticity, whitening

→ The red color is very effective for Cellulite, Diet etc.

ISO - G  Function of Iontophoresis


Frequency(ION) : 1,000Hz - (- RED Light), (+ BLUE Light)

Iontophoresis is a method of penetrating water-soluble substances that are difficult to penetrate into the skin

Lightens skin's blemish and dull skin and cleanses trouble skin

Applying a fine ampere current to the skin and using the nature of the electric pole

The skin layer is disturbed to absorb the ionized aqueous solution deeply into the skin

Light therapy stimulates the collagen layer and improves the binding of skin cell tissue

Helping to locate new collagen cells.

(-) Pole  Vitamin C penetration effect

         Penetration effect for Nutrition ampoule

RED  Recovery promotion, Blood increase

(+) Pole  Contraction of Pore, Sedation, Sterilization effect            

BLUE  Soothing skin, Sterilization for skin               

(-) : Vitamin C penetration,

Skin softening,

Sebum dissolution effect

Cathode (-) Alkali reaction / (- RED Light)

* Penetration of nerve alkaline material

* Stimulation

* Activation effect

               Effect of the between pole

* Promotion for Blood Circulation

* Promotion for Lymphatic Circulation


(+) : Pore contraction, Sterilization effect

Positive (+) Acid reaction / (+ BLUE Light)

*Penetration of Acid Material

* Nerve Stability

* Sedation

The best treatment effect can be obtained by using ISO-G device after applying the customized ampoule solution as a basis for each skin type

It is made of household & portable equipment and can safely carry out self-skin care at home


Components – Main Body 1 ea, Body Holder 1 ea, USB Charging Cable 1 ea, User Manual 1 ea

ISO – G / Specification

-Size : 50.5(W) 35(L) 170(H)

-Charging Voltage : 5VDC

-Battery Power : L-polymer 1.000mA

-Output Power(ION) : Max. 8V Min. 5.7V

-Frequency(MF) : 3,000 ~ 4,000Hz

-Frequency(ION) : 1,000Hz


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